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Chapter 10: The Triploblastic, Acoelomate Body Plan

1) Which of the following is not an acoelomate?

a) Platyhelminthesc) Gastrotrichia

b) Rotiferad) Turbellaria

2) Three important characteristics first appeared in the acoelomates. Which of the following is not one of them?

a) bilateral symmetryc) an excretory system

b) a true mesodermd) nervous tissues

3) Acoelomates lack a body cavity because the __________ cells completely fills the area between the outer epidermis and digestive tract.

a) parenchymalc) nervous

b) musculard) ectodermal

4) Which of the following classes is typically not parasitic?

a) Turbellariac) Trematoda

b) Monogenead) Cestoidea

5) Marine ribbon worms are found within the phylum:

a) Turbellariac) Nemertea

b) Monogenead) Gastrotricha

6) Which of the following would you find either living a free-living life style or living in the space between bottom sediments in freshwater?

a) Gastrotrichac) Monogenea

b) Nemertead) Turbellaria

7) The lone animal is this phyla lives on the mouthparts of North Atlantic lobsters.

a) Platyhelminthesc) Cycliophora

b) Nemertead) Aceolomorpha

8) With 34,000 species and counting, there are more described animals in this phyla of acoelomates than in any other phyla of acoelomates.

a) Platyhelminthesc) Aceolomorpha

b) Nemertead) Gastrotricha

9) Animals in the phyla Platyhelminthes, Nemertea, Gastrotricha, Acoelomorpha, and Cycliophora exhibit this type of symmetry.

a) radial symmetryc) asymmetry

b) pentaradial symmetryd) bilateral symmetry

10) Sexual maturity in a larval body form is called

a) incomplete organizationc) paedomorphosis

b) complete organizationd) all of the above (a-c)

11) Characteristics of the Platyhelminthes include all of the following except

a) usually flattened dorsoventrally

b) usually unsegmented worms

c) incomplete gut

d) many organ systems present

12) Most turbellarians, such as the common planarian,

a) are carnivores

b) will also feed as herbivores

c) have chemoreceptors that help them detect food

d) all of the above (a-c)

13) Which is not part of the protonephridial system in a turbellarian?

a) nephridioporec) nephron

b) f lame celld) excretory tube

14) A few turbellarians have a free swimming larva termed a

a) Muller's larvac) pncomiricidium

b) planula larvad) miricidium

15) Monogenetic flukes are so named because they

a) have only one generation in their life cycle

b) have a life cycle where only one adult develops from one egg

c) are solely external parasites

d) both a and b

16) A small group of flukes that are primarily internal parasites of molluscs are the

a) subclass Aspidogastreac) class Monogenea

b) subclass Digenead) class Cestoidea

17) The scientific name of the Chinese liver fluke is:

a) Fasciola hepaticac) Schistosoma. mansoni

b) Schistosoma haematobiumd) Clonorchis sinensis

18) The scientific name of the sheep liver fluke is:

a) Fasciola hepaticac) Schistosoma. mansoni

b) Schistosoma haematobiumd) Clonorchis sinensis

19) Almost all cestodes belong to the subclass

a) Eucestodac) Cestoidea

b) Cestodariad) Testudines

20) In the beef tapeworm life cycle, as an egg develops it forms a six-hooked (hexacanth) larva called an oncosphere.

a) True b) False

21) A fluid-filled bladder worm larva of a pork tapeworm is called a cysticercus, and it may form bladders in the brain of the mammalian host.

a) True b) False

22) The most distinctive feature of nemerteans is a long proboscis held in a sheath called a rhynchocoel.

a) True b) False

23) Nemerteans are microscopic, aquatic animals with a complete...
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