Zoological Gardens

Topics: Endangered species, Extinction, Species Pages: 4 (1178 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Are zoological gardens the best way of preventing the extinction of endangered species?

In order for one to understand the positives and negatives of zoological gardens and their potential to prevent the extinction of endangered animals, they must firstly understand the key terms, ‘zoological gardens’ and ‘preventing the extinction of endangered species,’ so that they are able to construct a coherent and structured response, which builds upon arguments that are placed forward by academic sources. ‘Zoological gardens,’ according to Conway (2011, p1) are described as “sanctuaries that house many rare animals along with ones, which are not so unique for the general public to appreciate.” The Royal Melbourne Zoological gardens established in 1857 are one example of an animal sanctuary that reflects, “the development of zoological practices in the care, housing, display and interpretation of animals over more than a century” (On my doorstep 2010, p1). ‘Preventing the extinction of endangered species’ is a sentence that can be best explained as; practices that can be executed to stop an endangered species of animal from disappearing off the planet (Clay, et al 2011, p490). This essay will aim to analysis and explore whether keeping endangered animals in human captivity is going to help the population of the particular species to increase or if human intervention if going to negatively impact on the situation with endangered species in the wild.

There are a number of individuals who believe that zoological gardens are the best way to prevent the extinction of endangered species. Conway (2011) believes that zoos and zoological gardens can work together in the fight to keep many animals alive and prevent them vanishing from the planet (reference). There is one positive argument that can be explored when looking at Zoological gardens and their ability to prevent the extinction of endangered species, the argument claims that Zoological gardens provide animals with a...
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