Zoo Report

Topics: Natural environment, Nature, Human Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: April 20, 2008
Throughout my zoo experience I did observe some unique and different behaviors that would most likely not occur in the wild. Since I watched the gibbons the longest I have much information on them. On behavioral difference it is based on the environment since now they are swinging on symmetrical poles and no longer tree branches. I’m sure they are less cautious of breaking branches and do not even different sized branches or limbs. As I have researched I have discovered that many gibbons, because of their fast swinging, will fracture many bones when a weak branch breaks or fails to hold the gibbons weight. As stated in the book even though traditionally gibbons are monogamous they are sometimes, in the wild, flexible with this mating habit. However since they are in the cage this is almost impossible. One female will be with only one male. Also they are particularly territorial. Nonetheless when in a caged environment the necessary calls to keep other gibbons or calls to warn gibbons about predators may not be required any longer since there is no threat. The zoo as a confined environment is much dissimilar than the wild natural environment. The space for which an animal has to move around can be very limited for the primates. For example the gibbons, they would swing very fast but then have to stop immediately to turn around and begin swinging in the opposite direction. In a natural environment this would not be a problem. The eating behaviors of the animals would also be different in the wild. In the zoo I suppose that obtaining meals is rather an easy task for these primates. I observed a gibbon go inside of its shelter and return with some vegetables. In its natural environment it would probably have to work a little bit harder to acquire food. “Monkey chow” also would probably not be on the menu in a Southeast Asia jungle.

As far as going to the zoo I feel is was an enjoyable experience. When I first arrived I assumed that it was going to be somewhat of...
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