Zombie Invasion

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How to Survive a Zombie Invasion?
In an instant, everything you've ever known and cared about could become completely irrelevant. The people you've grown to care for could become either your life line's or your worst enemies. The economy, laws, and anything civil would no longer have a purpose. The world would be a survival zone, loaded with a variety of different safe houses and plantations where normal living is still maintained under guarded gates. They'd be protected by armed mercenaries prepared for a situation comparable to Normandy. Crime would no longer be a term, as grocery stores and shopping malls loaded with goodies for hungry survivors were flooded. Fights between the short tempered would seem common or almost regular, as those who were truly afraid of death would fight for the right to live.

Absolutely, the first thing that you would need is a shelter. Somewhere that your attackers will not think to look, and you will be off the radar. It will not be easy, at first you will have to move constantly. Never stay anywhere that you can be seen from any angle. Staying boxed in is key to keeping out of your predators path . It's nearly impossible to find one of these safe house’s, but your main objective is to locate one. If you are successful, then you will have a slight advantage over your peers, which in the long run turns out as a longer life time. Once you obtain a place, find any type of explosive you can to line your house in case of an unpredicted entry. Next, find a food source. Keeping nutrition is key because you cannot live long without being healthy and in shape. Zombies are not slow, and will run you down and eat your brains quite quickly if you slack. Make sure you drink a lot of juice. I'm not exactly sure why but I know it will help. You need to keep your body healthy so you can defend yourself in a situation with another person, animal, or zombie.

Finding a weapon is always a key thing to do in a zombie apocalypse...
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