Topics: Zombie, Haitian Vodou, Night of the Living Dead Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: May 1, 2013
What is a Zombie? What is it’s history and so on and so on . there are so many questions but not enough answers from the word zombie . Now when some one says zombie that you can now have hours of debat over it like , what to do who will you bring and will you try and settle or move from place to place. In fact it has gotten so popular that even the government has made an effort to prepare for it but how did it get so popular in recent years. The history of zombies is shrouded in mystery but with the gruesome details that are portrayed in movies and films, the zombie apocolspe is gaining new iterest in the public sector and even in the govermant preperation.

The origin of zombies came from haitian vooodoo folklore. In haitian the word “Zombi” means spirit of the dead. (http://www.umich.edu/~end1415/zombies/zombie.html). Which bring us to how voodoo was created, voodoo was made from the blending of two faiths:christanity and vodun and how this came to be was when peole owned slaves , this is were they force them to aboanod to faiths and pick up christianity , so to prevent themfrom losing there culural idenity , they pretended to embrace the new religion that was forced on them and secrectly puruse their own beliefsand as a result of this the two faithsbecame one and voodoo was born. (http://ezinearticles.com/?Origins- of –the-zombie-Mythandid=7187623). How zombies were created on haitian folklore was by the “Bokor” a voodooo preist or witch docotor that was concernedwith the study and application of black magic to posessed the ability to resurcet the deceased through the applicationof the “coup padre” a powder that is administrated orally. The primary ingredent of the powder is tetrodoxin ,a deadly substance found in the “fou-fou”or porcupine fish. (Http://www.umich.edu/~eng1415/zombies/zombie.html ) Following haitain folklore when a family member that has disgraced their family and community to a degreee where they are no loger stand to live with them, they...
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