Zodiac Sign

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Thomas Hotte                                                                                                   Ms. Boyd Personality profile                                                                                             Period 3 The article on Cancer fits me for the most part. It says my positive traits are “loyal, dependable, caring, adaptable, and responsive.” A cancer is a very complex person when it comes to independence. They’re very contradicting and they’re independence has to do with there state of mind. I’m like the description of a cancer because it says we have the perseverance and drive to do what we need to do and can be self sufficient. Although we don’t need someone to depend or we prefer to have someone there to help and support us like our family and close friends. What’s not as accurate is that it says we crave attention but I don’t like drawing attention to myself most of the time, I usually just like blending in.             Like the horoscope says I am loyal to my friends and family who appreciate me and support me. I always do look out for my friends and I hate seeing my friends who are girls be sad so I always try to make them feel better like it says. Its also true that even though im good at listening to other people I never talk about my own feelings. Its also true because once I get past all of my emotional and personal problems I can do whatever I set my mind to I wouldn’t really say im psychic but I can be intuitive at times intelligent and observing. i have money and financial sensibility.

I am complex, unpredictable, and tempermental. Im not really a fragile person, a lot of things don’t bother me. I can be
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