Zlateh the Goat

Topics: Hanukkah, Wind, Weather Pages: 8 (1604 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Zlateh the goat.....

Setting-In Aaron's village
Narrator-It's Hanukkah and the road in the village are usually covered with snow but this year, it was only mild. This caused many peasants to complain because of the bad plantation. (Peasants enter stage)

Peasants-What happened to the weather!! We need our winter grain to grow !! (peasants off stage)
Narrator-So the story all starts when a family thats poor, lives a furrier named Reuven who is a furrier and didn't have anything get sold because of the weather wasn't so cold, so no one ever thought of buying anything that deals with fur. Reuven+Family-(appear when Narrator says Reuven)

Reuven-(speak facing to the family) It's a Bad Year, we need guldens, all we have here is Zlateh the goat, she is old, and only produces a little bit of milk, we will sell him for 8 guldens to the butcher, Feyvel in the town for the Hanukkah holiday, potatoes, and other food and oil. My best decision is for you, Aaron, my oldest son to take Zlateh to the town.

Aaron-I understand Father.......(make a sad face....)

Sister-noo......(Cry after the speech as you were sad..)

Mother-(Wipe tears aways from the sisters)

Aaron-(put a rope on Zlateh's neck, then put a jacket on)

Mother+Aaron+Family-(Mother take two slices of bread, Aaron takes it and then family gets off the stage)

Narrator-Aaron is now off to his journey to the town and he's supposed to spend the night at the Butcher's place. Zlateh-(appear in the stage)
Aaron+Zlateh-(Walk.....just keep on walking,in circles or squares,whatever...)

Narrator-Zlateh trusted humans, but he had been led to a mysterious track, and somehow seems astonished.


Narrator-As Zlateh and Aaron keep walking in the direction of the town, they relize that the sky is getting really dark and snow starts falling.

Prop-(1:Hold the clouds 2:Throw a little bit of snow onto them......)

Narrator-As what is happening is that they relize a storm is heading out towards them because the wind blows loudly whistling, and the snow hitting on them harder and their fright occurs.

Prop-(Huiying whistlee wind noises...)(Someone use a fan, and fan Zlateh and Aaron as they were being blown by the wind)


Narrator-The storm is now wildd, and the snoww is also crazilyy falling, it now gets harder and harder for them to walkk, and causes Aaron to collapse.

Aaron-(Pretend the road is really hard to walk and pretend to tug on Zlateh's Rope really hard, then fall....then pick your self up)

Narrator-Zlateh wished to be home by the time, and so... she felt betrayed by her fellow human beings.....

Aaron-(pray..)Dear God, I pray that Zlateh, this innocent animal, and I will be safe through this storm.

Narrator- As they keep on walking, they see a pile of hay, and irresistibly, Aaron took Zlateh into the Hay with him, and of course, Zlateh was hungry, so he gobble up some of the hay, and Aaron ate some of his bread.

Zlateh+Aaron-(get into the hay room when Narrator says "Aaron took Zlateh into the Hay")

Zlateh-(eat the hayy, then lay down)

Aaron-(eat the bread)

Narrator-As you see, Zlateh's utters were full.

Aaron-(Stare at Zlateh's utter's)

Narrator-Aaron was still hungry, and since Zlateh's utter's were full, Aaron drunk some milk. :S:
Aaron-(drink milk out of Zlateh's utter's by squeezing them while narrator talks, keep on doing it until the next Bahh... after Narrator talks)

Narrator-As the days passed, they did the same to survive, and soon, Aaron treated Zlateh as a sibling, and loved her very much.Aaron had no one to talk to, and Zlateh was the only one that was there, so....Aaron talked to Zlateh to share his thoughts and feelings

Aaron-Zlateh, what do you think about what had happened to us.


Aaron-If we hadn't found this stack of hay, we would both be frozen stiff by now.


Aaron-If the snow keeps on falling like...
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