Zlata's Diary

Topics: Zlata Filipović, Child, Zlata's Diary Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: January 26, 2011
Advanced English Book Review –
Zlata’s Diary:

Imagine yourself as a child again, your living life in a tiny, freezing cold house with no gas, electricity or water and insufficient food. You can't go anywhere outside because it isn't safe. There is no school for you to attend because there are too many risks and no one is willing to teach. You don't ever see your friends, and the thought of them in danger is always on your mind. You have played with all your toys and read all your books. You don’t make any loud noises because your house faces the snipers. You're growing out of all your clothes and your shoes no longer fit. Your always scared, and frightened to death because people around keep getting killed. And you don't know how long this is going to go on for, or if it’s ever going to end, and when it’s your turn to be shot at… That’s what Zlata had to live with. ZLATA’S DIARY is a diary text written by a young girl named Zlata Filipovic. The Diary begins in September of 1991 as a typical fifth-grader excited and enthusiastic about starting school, she records the beginning of starting school in Sarajevo. Within six weeks of the diary, her hometown was involved in terrible war, and she was soon facing deprivation and the death of close friends and classmates. Zlata and her father were forced to haul buckets of water to their apartment building. Bombs were falling continuously around the house, and sometimes smashing through windows, sometimes forcing the family to move into their damp, dark cellar. Sometimes Zlata would be left by herself while both of her parents tried to work. Constantly worried about the safety of her relatives and her own well being, she feared that the war would never end and she poured her deepest feelings into her beloved childhood diary, which she named Mimmy. During the war, Zlata and her family lose almost everything. Zlata's mother's place of work is soon totally destroyed. Zlata can't go to school with any regularity at all....
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