Topics: Zipper, Button, Whitcomb L. Judson Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1836, Whitcomb L. Judson invented the zipper because he was tired of fastening his high –buttoned boots by hand. He was a heavy man who did not like bending over to button his shoes, so he decided that he needed to find a replacement to the buttons, known today as the zipper. Patented in 1893, the Clasp Locker was a moveable guide that meshed two sets of hooks and eyes together. Excited about this new idea, Judson also invented a machine to manufacture the Clasp Locker. Because Judson was so excited, he mass-produced the Clasp Locker without knowing whether anyone would purchase it right away. In an attempt to sell the Clasp Locker, Judson took it to the Chicago World’s Fair with no effect. The machine he made to manufacture the zippers often broke down and needed to be repaired and he discovered some defects in the invention itself. When he first introduced this foreign invention to the outside world nobody found a use for it immediately and the marketing of the zipper was not initially successful. Soon afterward, the U.S. Navy thought that they could use this new invention for things like flying suits, shoes, and gloves. Because there were many men in the army, the mass-production of the Clasp Locker finally paid off. But at that time, the question continued of why should one should invest in a zipper when Velcro is so fast and effective? The correct response to that is that the Velcro was effective, but it was not strong enough to hold a boot together for a full day of work. Yes, there was buttons but those quickly fell off due to overuse. After Judson had done research, he observed that everything that he had done with Velcro entirely broke that had anything to do with clothing. Velcro was not made to be weather tested, or used for any industrial use. It simply just did its job, which was to hold two pieces of fabric together, no more, no less.

In the year 1905, Judson invented the improved version called the C-Curity. Even...
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