Zinn Chapter 14 Response

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  • Published : October 23, 2008
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In 1914 the nations of Europe went into war against each other. In the nations of Europe the government was flourishing, patriotism was blooming, class struggles were stilled, and young men died in battle. The United States was a different story. In the United States socialism was growing and class fighting was getting worse. Even though the European countries were in a war, the United States seemed to suffer the worst of it disregarding the casualties. For example in the summer of 1916, a bomb exploded in the middle of a Preparedness Day parade killing nine people. The two radicals who were responsible for the bomb were Tom Mooney and Warren Wilson. Both of whom spent twenty years in prison.

During the first Battle of the Marne, the French and the British completed their goal of defending Paris although each side had five hundred thousand casualties. In the next couple of battles, their were many casualties. During the beginning of the war, the British said that you had to be five feet eight inches to enlist in the military. Two months later the British lowered their standards to five feet five inches. The next month, the British lowered their standards again to five feet three inches to be able to enlist in the military. After only three months, almost a whole British army has been destroyed and wiped out. The high number of casualties were caused because of trench warfare and the British not being able to adjust to it.
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