Zinn's Burgers and Pizza

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Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza

In this short report we are looking at Ottershaw branch of Zinn’s Burgers and Pizzas chain finding sales falling down and cost rising up. We are going to look on common issues and how to improve current situation.

Part 1
Part ( a )
To identify problems within Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza I will be focusing on external environment and its effect on the business: ➢ Age of employees at supervisory level: night managers have not gained enough authority due being the same age or even younger as other employees. They were under pressure not to report what was going on. ➢ Staff attitude and behavior in relation of work: when employees unsupervised they were taking drinks or food, or giving free extras to friends and family. ➢ Bonuses were offered only to supervisors or managers

High turnover of staff
Influence of current staff on new staff
High pressure on managers to reduce waste, otherwise they were not given any bonuses ➢ Threat of a technological change with the installation of CCTVs ➢ Decoration and furniture look tired; cooking equipment needs replacing, menu require update ➢ Refusal to invest in training as they find it uneconomic

Part ( b )
I think most relevant study session for understanding the problems is SWOT analysis (stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). It gives the business overview of its position in relation to its external and internal environment. (Business study book 1, page 30)

SWOT analysis of Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza
Zinn’s Burgers and Pizza are well known in north-west and midlands of United Kingdom. ➢ They are able to compete with the larger, international fast-food brands in this area ➢ Well trained and motivated managers. They depend on formal structures, rules and regulations to control operations ➢ Customers are happy with quality of food for cheap price

Underpaid employees being unhappy which result in low quality...
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