Zinc Deficiencies

Topics: Zinc, Zinc deficiency, Human body Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: February 7, 2011
Report on Zinc deficiencies
Zinc deficiency is the inadequate amount of zinc in the body to meet its demands. Zinc is vital to the body functions such as, a healthy immune system and wrongdiagnosis.com states is best known for minimizing the effects of the common cold or upper respiratory infections. It can enhance the functions of the liver, muscles and bones. Other functions of zinc in the body are to wound heals; aid enzyme activity; DNA production and cell division. When there is an insufficient amount of zinc available for metabolic needs the condition is called hypozincemia. Inadequate quantities of zinc in the daily diet are the main reason why zinc deficiencies occur. Zinc deficiency is uncommon in areas where the diet is high in meat but Solomons, N.W. (2001) concludes that people who diets consist primarily plant based food sources that are low in bioavailable zinc often have zinc deficiencies. People who are vegetarians, elderly and those whom are malnourished can be at risk of the deficiency. Pregnant women or those that are breastfeeding are at risk from zinc deficiency due to the high demands for zinc from a developing infant. Chronic diseases such as alcoholism, diabetes and cancer are at risk of developing zinc deficiency. Excessive loss of zinc can occur if you have liver disease or after a trauma, burns and protein losing conditions such as enteropathy. In children zinc deficiency can develop as impaired growth and taste as well as a delayed sexual maturation. The symptoms include impaired immunity, night blindness, anemia, lethargy, and impaired wound healing. A deficiency in zinc can cause malfunctions of these organs and functions. Zinc does not get stored in the body; therefore for treatment it is important to eat food high in zinc every day. Red meat, shellfish, nuts and beans are examples of suitable food sources for the mineral zinc. Dietary supplements also contain zinc therefore vegetarians whose diet does not include adequate...
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