Zimbabwean Film Industry

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The film industry in any given country has an influence on the growth of the economy. However, the slow growth of the film Industry in Zimbabwe can be greatly attributed to the advancement of technology. In order for the indigenous film industry in Zimbabwe to produce quality films worthy of a global audience, there are a number of educational technological and commercial concerns that need to be addressed. I shall attempt to discuss the challenges that African, specifically looking at Zimbabwe filmmaker are facing in their attempt to boost the film industry. Among these challenges include: lack of funding, lack of technology, lack of well equipped training facilities, censorship, equipment shortage and many others that will be outlined and explained.

Background of the study
Unease has been raised world over about the dwindling rate of the film industry in African societies. Considering the historical development of the film industry from a global perspective, much of the film marketing literature fails to contextualize the current film market in Zimbabwe, Africa and beyond. The film industry is just over one hundred years old, and, for the majority of its existence, has been dominated by the Hollywood majors. Despite sporadic success for non –Hollywood films within their home countries as well as overseas, like Nigerian (Nollywood ) or Indian (Hollywood) movies, US Hollywood paradigm tend to dominate the international box office. Ellis (2004; 32). If we are to trace the development of the Hollywood industry and the problems posed by this increasing domination for the European film industry, one can note that despite early beliefs that this domination could be redressed, the European and Hollywood film industries are constant in battle. Similarly, despite strong domestic performances by India, Nigeria and Europe and to a lesser degree, Korean film and most Asian films, America still dominates the global box office. While the number of films...
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