Zigbee Based Multirobot System

Topics: OSI model, Data Link Layer, Wireless Pages: 8 (2139 words) Published: April 6, 2013
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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Chirala Engineering College, Chirala, India

Continually improving technology has made it realistic to consider the deployment of multi-robot systems consisting of increasingly large number of robots. Potential advantages of multi-robot systems over a single robot include, but are not limited to, reduced total system cost, increased robustness and increased parallelism. Furthermore, the inherent complexity of some task environments may require the use of a heterogeneous group of robots as the necessary capabilities are too substantial to be met by a single robot. Modular system design complements the concept of co-operating robots by facilitating a clear division of labor among the robots each of which is an expert in one type of task. This paper gives a scheme which is a good way for robots to complete complex task and improve working efficiency.

KEYWORDS: Zigbee, Multi-Robots, Information Interchange, Transfer INTRODUCTION Co-ordination, coupled with communication, is very important for any multi-robot system to successfully accomplish the task. Co-ordination and communication can multiply the capabilities and effectiveness of a group of robots. Communication between co-operating robots can be facilitated by using suitable protocols. Over the past decade, there have been a number of experimentally demonstrated multi-robot co-ordination and communication mechanisms. This paper discusses many of the considerations that impact the form of such protocols. A layered protocol is presented, consisting of data and transport layers borrowed from the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model and task-independent and task-dependent content layers. Finally, a description of centralized communication architecture is presented followed by an efficient implementation of an ad-hoc multi robot system. Robot is one of the most important creations in the 20th century. The technology of robot develops rapidly during 40 years. With the development of social production technology, the application fields of robot extend to broadly, robot is applied in automation line, ocean resource exploration, space working etc. However, presently the single robot’s capacity is limited in many aspects, such as information acquisition, processing and controlling, especially for the complex task and the changeable environment, single robot’s capacity is more deficiency. The group of multi-robots can cooperate with each other and deal with difficult task that single robot couldn’t complete, this is the trend of the development of robot. Now multi-robots communicate by wire, although it has mature technology and high reliability, the wire restricts the move scope and the flexibility of the robots, so this wire communication of multi-robots was few applied. ZigBee network technology is a wireless communication protocol based on the IEEE standard 802.15.4, it has low cost, low power-consume and low transmit-speed feature, and it also supports star, tree and mesh network topology structure. Multi-robots just transmit a small quantity of information at intervals. This can save much energy for robots.


Implementation of Communication Among Multiple Robots

ZigBee is a new low-speed, low power-consume and short-distance wireless communication technology. It’s a technology standard about organize-network, security and internet applications based on the IEEE standard 802.15.4. IEEE just deal with low MAC layer and physics layer, ZigBee union standardized its network layer and API. Each coordinator can contain 255 nodes, and the ZigBee network formed by these nodes doesn’t...
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