Zhang Xiaogang - Artist

Topics: China, Painting, People's Republic of China Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: May 12, 2013
hang Xiaogang Zhang Xiaogang
* Born in 1958 China
* Emerged from the Avant-Garde movement of art, regarded as an artist who had broken new ground with a truly modern and post-modernist approach to art * The importance of Zhang’s artworks lies in its cultural and intellectual values, challenging social occurrences of his past and present * Zhang Xiaogang trained as an oil painter at the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1982. * He joined a group of young avant-garde artists who came to international prominence during the 1980s. * Xiaogang has been represented in many major international exhibitions, including 'Mao Goes Pop' at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art in 1993, the 1994 Sao Paolo Biennale and the 1995 Venice Bienniale. * Zhang was a joint founder of the Current of Life painters, and his earlier paintings looked back to the traditional roots of rural Chinese culture to explore human values. * Zhang Xiaogang’s paintings engage with the notion of identity within the Chinese culture of collectivism. * He bases his work around the concept of ‘family’ –immediate, extended, and societal * Xiaogang’s portraits depict an endless descent of imagined families and ancestors, each unnervingly similar and distinguished by subtle difference. Conceptual Practice

* Artworks often provoke interest because they contain subject matter contrary to current communist * Xiaogang states he is influenced by western painters including Richter, Picasso and Dali. "I read in a book once a few words by British experimental artist Eduardo Paolozzi, which were very influential for me: 'a person can very easily have the right idea, but choose the wrong means to express it. Or he can have the right means, but lack a clear idea.'" * Xiaogang’s discovery of photos of his mother as a young, attractive woman as a key inspiration for his Bloodline series. Material Practice

* Experiments with traditional portrait style,...
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