Zeus Essay

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Zeus Essay
One of the reasons why Zeus is a hero is because he defeats his mighty and powerful father Cronos along with the titans, and shares the glory with his many brothers and sisters. On my opinion I think a hero is someone that does something without thinking of themselves. Someone that is willing to take the risk for the sake of someone else. A hero is someone that will always be willing to help and take any major risk. This paragraph will explain how Zeus is a hero because he has demonstrated Bravery, Sharing, and his powerfulness. This paragraph will determine why Zeus is brave and will give three example of him being brave. The first example of Zeus being brave was when Zeus defeated his father Cronos; this example is one of the greatest examples because it explains all three of Zeus’s characteristics. Zeus showed himself being brave because he faced one of the most powerful gods in the world. Not only that but Cronos eager to kill Zeus and swallow him whole. The second example of Zeus being brave is when Zeus caught lightning bolt to protect his best friend Pan, Zeus was then aware he was a god. The third and final example of Zeus being a hero is when Zeus transformed into a bull and dared to take Queen Europa out of her boundaries when she was specifically under many rules of her father and one day would become Queen. But, she luckily got to become Queen of Crete and built many ships for them and Zeus. These actions prove that Zeus is a true Greek hero. The next paragraph will show how Zeus is able to share, and examples will be given to show you why. This paragraph will determine why Zeus is able to share and will give three carefully detailed examples. The first example of Zeus being able to share is when he gives Crete a magnificent gift; King Minos was in desperate need of a wall, a warrior and an army. They pleaded to Zeus to give them these three wishes and Zeus put it all into one huge gift. He gave them Talus a great bronze giant that will...
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