Zeus and Odin

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  • Published : November 10, 2010
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Odin and Zeus

In Greek and Norse mythology that took important roles as the foundation of today’s cultures are very similar yet different. They have many different traits and the way people wanted their gods to be. The two mythologies reflect the different ideologies. The similarities and the differences that stand out the most are between the god of all gods, Odin and Zeus.

The biggest similarity between Zeus and Odin is that each of them was the ruler of the Gods in Greek and Norse mythology. Zeus is the lord of sky and the supreme ruler of all Gods. Odin also is the leader of all Norse Gods. They both used thunder and had responsibilities towards the mankind, and were married to a goddess who was in charge of marriage. It is interesting how they also look alike. In the paintings of Zeus and Odin, they are both drawn to emphasize their manliness. They were both depicted as large men with beards. However, in mythology, Zeus and Odin’s differences are more easily found and significant then their similarities.

One of the main reasons the Greek and Norse mythology have different characterizations because of their creation. The Greek mythology was created to escape the horrors from the uncivilized world. Therefore the mood of the whole Greek mythology is mostly fairytale-like, blissful, and dreamy. Greeks also tried to discover explanation of their beings and how they came to be in their myths. On the other hand, the Morse mythology reflected more of the real world that they lived in. I was full of wars, blood and impending dooms. The stories are mainly gloomy and dark, full of sacrifices and deaths.

Odin and Zeus, representing the two mythologies, are extreme opposite to each other. Zeus, for example, was indestructible and was immortal like all the other gods in Greek mythology. Many stories suggest that he was a philanderer who fooled around with numerous human and Gods. He was depicted as a playful and a comical God. Odin however was destined to...
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