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  • Published : October 8, 1999
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Dionysus, also known by his Roman name Bacchus, which he appears to have two different origins. Dionysus was the god of wine, agriculture and fertility of nature, but on the other hand he also represents the mystery in religions. Scholars believe that this god came about later in pre-history, unlike other gods. Almost all barbarian nations had their own versions of Dionysus under many names such as, Bacchus, Zagreus, Sabazius, Adonis, Antheus, Zalmoxis, Pentheus, Pan, Liber Pater, or simply "the liberator." His symbol was the thyrsus, (which is a staff tipped with a pinecone, sometimes with ivy leaves)

Dionysus was born of fire, he was good and gentle to those who honored him, but he also brought madness and destruction to those who ignored him or the rituals of his cult. "One day, Zeus was traveling on Earth. He wore a disguise; because undisguised no mortal could look at him and live. He came to Thebes, and Ancient City of Greece where he fell in love with Semele, the daughter of King Cadmus.

Their love was immense, and before they knew she became pregnant.
Semele wanted nothing else but to look into the eyes of her true love. Her nurse, who happened to be the disloyal Hera in disguise, influenced her cruelly. Semele could not stand it any longer and finally, she asked Zeus to give her a good fortune. He was deeply in love with the young women and did anything she pleased. He swore an unbreakable promise on the river Styx that she could have anything she wished for.

Meaning no harm, Semele asked to see the god of thunderbolt, Zeus was frightened. He knew that this would mean her guaranteed death. "NO" he cried in torment. "Anything but that. You do not know what you're asking for." She insisted and Zeus miserably kept his word and granted her wish. As he reveled his burning appearance, the unlucky Semele was almost completely destroyed by the fire, except her womb, which she had wrapped with some ivy. Zeus was angry, he...
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