Zenova Company

Topics: Management, Management styles, Project management Pages: 5 (1771 words) Published: January 20, 2013

Name: Le Dinh Nhat Huy
Class: Ba91
Lecturer: Mr.Paul
Zenova is a company where open based on Hanover, Germany and run by multination group, main products of Zenova Company are health and beauty products which are focusing on female customer. They have set up a project team with 16 person who are member draws from subsidiaries in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. As a result, Ryan Douglas was chosen to ride the project and manage all of works that are conclude in project. However, the result of work is realized that the productivity of project is really low by being badly managed. It leads to new manager should replace Ryan Douglas’s position but the problem is now they have 4 options for that position: Elliot new business manager, Janet computer services, Anna transport manager and Koichi sales director. Before analyses those managers, we will look at the current manager Ryan Douglas first. Ryan Douglas is a good person at work with many characters such as decisive and understand employees by given another chances for their failed to do it again. However, all of that things is still not good enough to become a best manager for this project. Ryan Douglas has decisive character so he made the decision is really fast and it’s really good because we have a lot of things to do so without quick decision the speed may go down. However, he not always check the point of ideas carefully and analyze problems for employees so when we applied new ideas into project, it didn’t work because of many errors and wrong steps to finish this idea. As a result, when we asked him about this failure in this project and he gave us another opportunities to do it again but he didn’t show us the point which we did it wrong. Besides that, time management and understanding the employees are also the weakness of Ryan Douglas. Members in group is managed by Ryan Douglas are from different cultures and also different age. Although Ryan Douglas knew about that, he still used the same approach and style with everyone. Moreover, he is not a kind of friendly person when his employees like warm and friendly people but it may understand for him because the amount of work may leads him to pressure. One more things, a motivation or challenge at work is a necessary thing at work to make it more effective and higher productivity while he didn’t do that and also tried to do many things himself so employees may realize that he didn’t trust his employees. To conclude, it shows that he had no team-building skills or understanding of different individuals.

Next, 4 manager will be analyze the weaknesses and strengths to decide who will replace the position of current manager Ryan Douglas.
Firstly, Elliot a new business manage. His job is giving instructions and see they are carried out. In addition, his is not interested in excuses if the work isn’t done. He is decisive person also like Ryan Douglas but sometime he fail. It’s not difficult to accept a truth that everyone makes mistake. He have a good point that to give staff clear goals and check often to make sure they are meeting deadlines which couldn’t do by Ryan Douglas and also listen to his staff when they are arguing then tell them what to do; so he may a good listener for employees who like to conflict or discuss at workplace which will help more effective and higher productivity at work. However, his staff are multinational and he is trying to adapt his management style. It’s a good thing but in the present, the project is slowing down so he has to spend more time to adapt his management style while he has to directly continue work with this project and make it go to the right way. About his personality, he is tough, fair and loyal to staff which is really nice to be a management but still a bit impatient at times while management require patient to understand the employees and work with a lot serious problem so he may be depressed after hard working....
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