Zenescope Submission Agreement

Topics: Contract, Mediation, Alternative dispute resolution Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Mail submissions with a signed copy of this agreement to:

Zenescope Entertainment 433 Caredean Drive Suite C Horsham, PA 19044

Submissions Agreement
I am submitting to you the following materials (here after referred to as “the Material”):

(list title and description here) In accordance with the following agreement: 1. 2. 3. 4. I represent and warrant to you, Zenescope Entertainment, your successors and assigns that the Material is my original creation and that no other persons other than those who have signed and submitted a copy of this agreement have collaborated with me in creating and developing the Material. Zenescope Entertainment’s consideration of the Material and any negotiations between us regarding the Material shall not be deemed an admission of the novelty or originality of the Material. Zenescope Entertainment may retain a copy of the Material and I release Zenescope Entertainment and it’s officers from any liability for loss or damage thereto. I hereby grant Zenescope Entertainment the right to use the Material provided that Zenescope Entertainment shall first conclude an agreement with me for such use or Zenescope Entertainment shall determine that an independent legal right exists to use the Material or any portion thereof which is not derived from me either because the Material is not new, novel, or original or has not been reduced to concrete form or because other persons (which may include employees of Zenescope Entertainment and other persons presenting materials to Zenescope Entertainment) have submitted similar or identical suggestions, features and material which you have the right to use. This Agreement shall be construed solely under Pennsylvania substantive law (except where the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution of the United States requires federal law to apply). The parties involved have chosen the substantive law to apply, no other choice of law (including Pennsylvania’s) applies. Any dispute shall be settled in the...
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