Zebra Fish and the Affect of Uv Light on Their Development

Topics: Sunlight, Ultraviolet, Egg Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: April 28, 2008
Zebra Fish and the Affect of UV Light on their Development

The zebra fish are small striped fish that usually develop in about a week. They begin as a single cell embryo to a multi-cellular organism. In an experiment I tested how UV light would effect the development of the zebra fish. My hypothesis is that with the UV light on them they would increase development.

In the beginning of the experiment there were three 2 sided Petri dishes which held two groups of zebra fish eggs. Group 1 (Control 1) held on 1 side A- which were 2 day old eggs and C- which were 6hour old eggs. Experiment 1 which held A and C that were exposed to the UV light for 10 seconds. Experiment 2 which held A and C that were exposed to the UV light for 20 seconds. They were then checked after exposure to the light. After then they were checked twice a day in the morning and at night.

Immediately after the exposure you could see the difference in how the UV light affected the eggs. In Control 1 there was normal development in the eggs of the zebra fish. In Experiment 1 A there was sign of pigmentation on them also the signs of the heart beating and. In C there was a death of on egg that seemed to look as if there was in explosion. The egg was very cloudy and you couldn’t identify any parts of the embryo.

In Experiment 2 A which was exposed to 20 seconds of UV had pigmentation, signs of the heart beating but different than others there was eyes on the eggs. As for C it showed signs of being at 8 hrs of development while others showed signs of being 6 hours old. All this occurred at 3:20 pm on 11/29.

The next observation was taken at 12:10 am on 11/30. Control A showed signs of being 19 hours old and had no change from earlier. Control C showed change in development that seemed to be 14 hours old with a complete circle that shape forming in it. Experiment 1 A had dark spots (pigmentation) and eyes had developed it was in 19.5 hours of development. In C showed 6 hour development with...
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