Topics: Zebra mussel, Mussel, Mollusca Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Zebra Mussel

Zebra mussels are a type of mollusk, which also include a wide variety of organisms such as squids, octopuses, snails, oysters, scallops, and clams. In 1988 Zebra mussel were first detected or found in Canada. In 1990 zebra mussels covered every surface they could grow on. They have become an invasive species in North America, and as such they are the target of Federal policy to control them, for instance in the national invasive species act (1996).As zebra mussels have also been known to attach themselves to the crayfish bait, this is one of the ways they have spread to different waterways. Zebra mussels got in to Canada by boats of the fisherman’s. Boaters are carelessly spreading this harmful pests basses and bait wells of trailered boats. Boating in Canada has been really complicated because of the zebra mussels because whenever the boat’s bottom part in under the water the zebra mussel gets attach to the bottom of the boat like magnets. Zebra mussel can survive up to 5 days without water. The zebra mussels only live in fresh water and they attach themselves into any underwater surface. A female is able to lay up one million eggs during a single breeding season. The only natural control is a species of diving duck. Hot water will kill zebra mussels (only useful for a very small bilge!). Chlorine will also kill them, but is very toxic to marine life. Potassium, bromine, ozone and ultraviolet light are less toxic alternatives are difficult to apply under water. A novel experiment was reported at the Sixth International Zebra Mussel and other Aquatic Nuisance Species Conference in March 1996.zebra mussel’s are about the size of a fingernail but can grow to a maximum of four centimeters. Zebra mussels do not have many natural predators in North America. That are several species of fish and diving ducks have been known to eat them. Once they are drawn into a pipe filled with water, they can grow and clog the pipe until the water stops flowing....
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