ZEAL Institute of Management and Computer Application: The Changing Face of Advertising

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  • Published : April 20, 2011
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“Changing face of advertising with special reference to audio-video media in Pune city” Researchers: Ms,Preeti Mayee,

ZEAL Institute of Management and Computer Application,
Email: preetimayee@yahoo.com,
Cell No: 9890615489,



Everyday life of a common man begins and ends with some kind of advertisement or the other e.g.: The milk vendor shouts at the time he places the milk bag at our door steps, news paper man also does the same. This is in a way a method of self proclaiming and in turn achieving what an advertisement achieves. Even a “Good Knight” wish is a form of advertisement.The form and face of advertisement has undergone a sea change and we need be to be prepared for further changes envisaged.

Scope :

This prompted us to explore the various dimensions of the advertising with special reference to one of the upcoming and growing city of urban Maharashtra, Pune. The study mainly emphasizes audio video media.


i)To explore various changing dimensions and domains of advertising. ii)To analyze and measure the impact of advertisement on buying behaviour. iii)To determine the extent of failure or success of a campaign vis a vis media selection. iv)To compare the success or failure of a campaign a vis a vis its product.

1) Various dimensions and domains of advertising are changing. 2) Advertisement has a definite impact on the buying behaviour. 3) Media selection has direct bearing on the success or failure of the campaign.

4) Success or failure of a campaign is in proportion to the success or failure of the product.

Conceptual theory:

Advertising is one of the permanent phenomenon of our lives. Ever since the human has learnt to communicate, it has also evolved since then. Independent marketing communication tools do not have the same equal effects at every stage of the consumer purchase process. For eg: broadcast media such as television or radio are typically considered the best for creating brand awareness and interest, while personal selling an interactive but expensive. Medium is often reserved for use when the client is close to making a purchase decision itself. Therefore, in order to influence the consumer at every stage in the consumer decision process effectively, the marketer must use several communication tools in some complimentary manner. Such a combination is called an IMC mix. The creation of an appropriate integrated Marketing Communication mix requires that a decision maker has an understanding of the nature and relative strengths of every promotional tool at their disposal. Although the formulation of an efficient and appropriate IMC mix can be difficult in today’s fragmented markets, it was not that long ago when it was much simpler.

Advertisement is defined as “making known the public”. Later, in terms of marketing, advertisement has been redefined as a “promotional or propogating activity.”

Historic perspective-Stone age to current civilization era

Looking back at the civilization man lived in caves and used stones to perform various day to day activities. It was during this time that these people were self-sufficient and did not feel the need of advertising their product. The reason being they had no surplus to sell it to others. Then came the era of barter exchange, where goods were exchanged for goods. A need for exchange was felt as there was a surplus with them. Then this surplus was made known to others through word of mouth.

As civilization evolved people started to find out different ways and means of communicating this surplus to the others. It was nothing...
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