Zara Brand

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Brand Admiration Project (ZARA)


So what is Zara? Many people have probably never heard of the clothing/fashion brand named Zara. Even if you have heard of Zara, the chances of you seeing Zara on any poster or television advertisements is very slim. In fact the Spanish clothing retailer has a very unusual marketing strategy. Zara has a “zero advertising policy.” With almost no money going into advertisement, how is Zara able to compete with competitors?

Unlike competitors, Zara only spends about 0.3% of their revenue on promotions. Instead they use that money to open up new stores. This lack of advertisement has named Zara a “fashion imitator.” This means that Zara doesn’t waste time or money on promoting new predicted fashion trends. Instead they focus on understanding what consumers already want. Zara focuses greatly on their product, place and pricing instead of promotion. This concept is very interesting to me. Zara obviously does this on purpose. Their lack of promotion is on purpose. It’s safe to say that Zara’s promotion strategy is a decisive decision to not promote. This unorthodox and untraditional strategy has grabbed other companies and competitors attention. Louis Vuitton’s fashion director Daniel Piette stated, “Zara is possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world.” Zara does not look for massive communication to reach its costumers. Zara uses discretion and wants to create “a sphere of intimacy” with its costumers. Zara also rarely places their logo name or brand on any of their products. They try to give there clothing a natural yet modern feel.

Zara is a vertically integrated retailer. This means that Zara controls most of the steps of the supply chain, designing, manufacturing, and distributing of its products. Unlike competitors, Zara is able to produce 11,000 distinct items per year compared to the 3,000 items of its competitors. This shortening of the product life cycle means two things: Low prices...
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