Topics: Memory, Implicit memory, Sleep Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: February 24, 2013
. Brown-peterson task = series of 3 letters, remember those three letters while random letters come ub one by one and you have to choose whether it is a consonant or a vowel. Brown and Peterson thought that the letters were decaying with time. The consonants and vowels that were put there were designed to prevent rehearsal of trigram letters. The drop in recall accuracy with increasing time was thought to be due to the fact that, without rehearsal, information in short term memory fades.

.Memory span = letters pop up and then have to choose them the order they appeared. It is likely that the size of our memory is between 5 and 9, the Magic Number 7 proposed by George Miller. We can improve amount of things we memorize by chunking.

.serial position effect = a bunch of words pop up and we have to write them down, chances are that our ability to remember a list of information is partly dependent on where it appears in the list. The more easily a picture comes to mind when you hear a word, the more likely you are to remember it.the word frequency effect says that the relative frequency of words as used in a language strongly impacts their likelihood of recall or recognition. For example, a nurse is more likely to remember femur than a sociology student because it is more meaningful to her.

.Lexical Decision Task = All the words you know, see, read, and speak aloud are known as your mental lexicon. Our lexicon orders the words we know by meaning and not by alphabetical order like in a dictionary. One way to see how the words are arranged is through a lexical decision task. real words and nonsense words appear and we have to identify whether it is a nonsense word or real word. Semantic priming is when activation of one lexical item (a word) leads to faster recognition of a second, semantically related word in a lexical decision task. For example, if two related words appear, the second would be recognized faster than it would if it had appeared on...
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