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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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Organizational structure is a system of tasks, workflows, reporting relationships and communication. This structure should provide coordination of performance results. (p.117) The Zappos article is a perfect example of this type of structure. Zappos has an informal structure organizational structure. The structure follows a different method. The informal structure identifies key positions of management within the organization. Zappos has developed an organizational culture that creates a positive, fun working environment. Strong cultures lie Zappos emphasize teamwork, allow risk taking, encourage innovation and make the people of the team top priority (p. 132). Progressive leadership and worker empowerment are important themes as organizations seek to gain competitive advantages and build cultures to meet new challenges (p. 133). Zappos uses its ten commandments to help shape Zappos' adaptive culture. This culture also helps Zappos attract, develop and or retain quality workers.

Zappos has developed a culture of promoting fun as a way to keep the staff motivated and calm. This fun and upbeat environment helps to keep the staff motivated. It is this reason that their first ten commandments to a successful work environment have helped them to continue to grow. Zappos prides themselves on focusing on the customer experience, while challenging their staff to have a can do attitude every time they come to work. These ten commandments of leadership are an adaptive design. An adaptive design empowers workers to participate in the development and success of the company. Adaptive organizations are systems in which gets work done through networks of interpersonal contacts. The horizontal design features the value of teamwork. Zappos is all about the team and promoting unity together. Zappos creates a culture of family-like relationships among the staff. Managers at Zappos actually are required to spend 10-20% of their work time outside of the office with employees....
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