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By | November 2012
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Veridian : putting a value on values - Translate this pageVeridian : putting a value on values. Author statement: Rakesh Khurana, Joel Podolny and Jaan Elias. Year: 2009. Person: Khurana, Rakesh; Podolny, Joel; ... [PDF]

Contents Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View Maximizing Shareholder Value: An Ethical Responsibility? 206. Theo Vermaelen, INSEAD. Veridian: Putting a Value on Values. 219. Rakesh Khurana, Joel ... [DOC]

Managing Firm Total Wealth - Beyond Grey Pinstripes,%20Stakeholders...File Format: Microsoft Word - Quick View "Managerial Duties and Business Law," Harvard Business School Press, # 9-395-244.  Veridian: Putting a Value on Values, # 9-406-028.  Serono, # BAB043 ... Veridian: Putting a Value on Values (HBSP) doi:10.1225/406028 Putting a Value on Values Author(s): Rakesh Khurana, Joel Podolny, and Jaan Elias DOI: 10.1225/406028. Learn More or Purchase This Case ... [PDF]

Veridian: Putting a Value on Values - BookPark Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat Professors Rakesh Khurana and Joel Podolny and Research Associate Jaan Elias prepared this case with assistance from the Aspen Institute. Tippie Ethics Team Captures Second Place in National Tournament ... › News & Events › Press Releases24 Nov 2009 – Student teams examined the case of "Veridian: Putting a Value on Values," which was designed by the Harvard Business School. The Tippie ... Veridian Case - Essays - Maxine007 › ... › Information TechnologyVeridian: Putting a Value on Values...

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