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Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid- Past and Present (a research work)

In this document we will discuss the following topics in detail, •

Zaid Hamid’s connection with yusuf kazzab? ( who claimed to be 2nd return of Muhammad SAW ( naooz Billah) Evidences of their relation ( original pages of some documents, news reports and books published in 1997-1998 and 2000 (before zaid hamid’s appearance as a ‘scholar and defense analyst’) Reality of The audio tape of yusuf kazzab in which zaid hamid also can be listened. ( recorded on 28 feb 1997) What does Aalmi Majlis-e-Tahafuz-e-Khtam-e-Nabuwat say about Zaid Hamid? Remarks of The Senior Advocate ( Muhammad Ismaeel Quraishi ) who followed the case against yusuf kazzab in Supreme Court. Interesting remarks of Molana Muhammad Ismail Shuja abadi who was accuser in yusuf kazzab case as representative of majlis. Remarks of yusuf kazzab’s ex-followers about zaid hamid.

• •

What does Zaid Hamid say on these allegations? Whether his clarification is enough? His original reply( in written and video form) is given here and don’t forget to read a detailed but shocking analyses of his clarification. • His TV programs are self sponsored? To find the answer an interesting comparison is given here between his Shows and other Popular talk shows • Zaid Hamid, Musharraf and Lal Masjid Operation • A little about Zaid Hamid’s ‘Khilafat & shariya revival’ •

Something about Ghazwa-e-Hind. What did Yusuf Kazzab say about Ghazwa-e-Hind?

A recent Article of Zaid Hamid’s friend of university days Dr. Mohsin Ansari medical officer in America claiming zaid Hamid’s early mental disorder. • About Zaid Hamid’s discovered ‘Wali’ naimatullah Shah who (according to zaid hamid) predicted so many exact future incident •

including zaid hamid’s ‘mission and personality’ almost 900 years before. • A comparison of Zaid Hamid’s and yusuf kazzab’s interestingly same way to attract the people especially youth. •

Why is Zaid Hamid’s so ‘aggressive & crazy’ supporter of PakArmy? Zaid Zaman Hamid: - Past and Present Please read patiently while you have sufficient time to understand

Our young generation is in fever of magical voice of a person Zaid Zaman Hamid who is pretending himself a big patriot and getting the trust of Pakistani youth rapidly. Syed zaid zaman is accused that he was a big follower and the first Khalifa of a man Yousaf Ali ( yusuf kazzab) who claimed as a second return of our prophet Muhammad SAW ( naooz billah ) in 1990’s in Pakistan. Yousuf kazzab got hundreds of people following him because of impressive speech and his so-called ‘spiritual powers’. After a massive protest by every sector of society yusuf kazzab was arrested and after a trial of more than 2 years it was proved in court that he claimed not only as a prophet but also as second return of Muhammad SAW naoozbillah. According to reports of those days ( in 1997) published in different national daily and weekly newspapers, yusuf kazzab deputed zaid zaman hamid as his 1st Khalifa before his arrest and Zaid Zaman Hamid was following his case in court also. (Evidences are attached, read patiently please) Audio tapes, news reports, eye witnesses, personal diary and letters of Kazzab confirmed the allegations on Kazzab and he was sentenced to death by high court but during his appeal in Supreme court he was killed in jail by other prisoner. Ziad Zaman’s letter to the editor of Daily DAWN was published on 13 august 2000 and in which he said the court’s decision as “murder of justice”. Zaid Hamid disappeared soon after kazzab was killed and he appeared after 9-10 years in 2007-08 on TV as zaid Hamid (his father was a retired Army col. Zaman Hamid. His full name is Syed zaid zaman, (hamid is his father’s 2nd name).

All the news reports of kazzab were later compiled as a book " Fitna Yusuf kazzab" which was published in 1997 ( 12 years ago and Zaid hamid was not famous at that time) and his name is mentioned in...
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