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Zack Girard
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Moby Dick

There are many chapters in Moby Dick, but only ten of them are worth reading. Those ten are the ones you will be reading at this very moment. In these ten chapters, there will be a song for each of these chapter describing the themes and events that occurs throughout. In chapter seven, The Chapel, Ishmael finds a Chapel for his whale men. He gazes around looking at the plaques of dead or missing men out at sea. The song that best fits this chapter is Here I am, Lord. When you walk into a Chapel, you picture a man playing the piano play at a medium pace. There are no words in this song and there is only the piano playing. The song reminds me of walking into Chapel on Sunday mornings and hearing the piano play instrumental music.

Nevertheless in chapter 66, The Shark Massacre, the men had to kill the sharks that were eating the whale carcass. They killed many sharks and left them at sea. Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2 was a great song because when the sailors are poking and stabbing the whales, blood is pouring out into the sea creating a blood bath. A verse in the song says “bodies strewn across the dead end street” if compared to Moby Dick, it’s saying dead whales lay across the surface of the sea.

Therefore at sea looks like a funeral of fish, hence the chapter being called The Funeral and the song called, Gone away by Offspring. The men aren’t out at sea to kill the whale, but they run into a problem and they kill the sharks. The song talks about how heaven feels so far away and the world is cold that you have gone away. The sailors feel cold when they look at the sea by the pool of blood and the sharks they have killed.

In chapter 93, The Castaway, Pip jumps off the boat out of fear and the sailors have to cut the harpoon rope attached to the whale to free Pip. They tell him if he jumps off again they are going to teach him a lesson and leave him out at sea. The song that relates to this is called, Castaway by...

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