Zach's Lie

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  • Published : October 12, 2010
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This books name is Zach’s lie and it was written by Roland Smith it was copyrighted in 200l. On the day three masked strangers invade the Osborne house and terrorize Jack, his sister Joanne, and their mother, Jack's life is changed forever. His father's involvement in drug smuggling in South America has sent his family's life spinning out of control. The father is committed to the Federal Detention Center, and Jack, now Zach Granger, is forced to change how he looks, give up his friends, and begin a whole new life under the Federal Witness Protection Program. When Zach meets Sam Sebesta, the custodian of his new school who was also a Russian spy for over 20 years. As the story unfolds, and the criminals come closer to discovering the Grangers' true identity, Sam's past enables him to devise a rapid solution that saves the family from certain harm.A jealous schoolmate's steals one of Zach's journals that ultimately leads the drug criminals to the Grangers' new home. However, Sam rescues a one journal entry written by Zach's father, a discovery that becomes critical in the capture of the smuggling cartel. The timing of both of these things has this book on your toes, and the reader will be caught up in a fear for the family's safety. Because the criminal network is so big, the Osborne family is forced to begin a new in yet another place. Zach, now Mack Greene especially regrets leaving Catalin, the girl who has been his girl friend, but this sacrifice hurts in significance when his father is released from prison and rejoins the family for good. This very good book has a lot of teen issues to keep even the readers that hate to read keep reading. The themes of trust and betrayal, family loyalty, loss, friendship and first romance will make it highly interesting to people.
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