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Fatima Boyer ELA 5-23-12 702 Arrulee & Armani A 13 year-old girl met the love of her life Armani when she entered a new after school program called John C . The only time they talked was when they went to afterschool. He didn’t always show her the attention she needed. He flirted with a lot of girls and often in front of her but she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to lose him. Arrulee took that disrespect because whenever she even tried to tell him about it, she could tell by his body language that he wasn’t listening or even cared about what she had to say and she allowed it. One day when they were spending time together at a carnival , a girl came that Armani liked.He didn’t admit it but Arrulee knew he wanted her , her name was Anne. He told Arrulee that he would be right back and she said okay. She watched to see where he was going and right there she saw him give her the biggest hug that he never gave Arrulee .He completely left his girlfriend Arrulee to be with Anne. Arrulee just walked away and went home. The following week she went to John C again and she saw Armani. He sat next to her and was telling her about a fight his friends got into and that it was going to happen again. Arrulee listened to his story and told him to just be careful cause she knew she couldn’t stop him. He left her again. The rest of the week he didn’t show up and Arrulee heard he had got shot. She felt no pain cause deep down and side she thought he deserved it .Armani was okay though. Armani didn’t even treat Arrulee as if she was his girlfriend . He didn’t text, call or get in contact with her, he didn’t hang out with her even when they were...
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