Yulk Leadership Model

Topics: Leadership, Management, Path-goal theory Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: February 29, 2012
The main strength of the Yulk Leadership Model is focus on situation and intervening variables. These variables have a direct effect on all but one of the points on the model. The reciprocal relationship between the variable and the leader behavior illustrates the Path-Goal Theory developed by Robert House. “The path-goal theory assumes that leaders adapt their behavior and style to fit the characteristics of the followers and the environment in which they work,” (OB, Page 413) These two types of variables not only affect the leader behavior but also the success criteria of the current and overall organizational goals. The leader’s behavior and decisions can create or help to avoid situational and intervening variables that the organization could face from existing company limitations or outside economic conditions.

The main weakness of the Yulk model is that none of the points on the model flow back to leader traits. One would assume from this model that past experiences in success or failure do not have any effect on a leader’s traits. The limited information on the model would lead us to believe that leader traits are either born within us or developed before becoming leaders. Early leader trait focused on physical attributes and personality with limited success. “These conclusions suggest traits that leaders possess, but the findings are neither strong nor uniform.” (OB, Page 406.)

The second weakness of the model is that the leadership behavior does not flow back to the leadership power directly. Leadership behavior should have a direct correlation to leadership power. Most leaders in an organization still have someone to answer to whether it is another level of management above them, a board of directors, or shareholders. The leader’s behavior will be under scrutiny from these individuals as the organizations goals and mission are met.

Changes to the model that I would make would start by adding an arrow from success criteria to leader traits. Past...
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