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By | October 2011
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Jaden Begnaud & chase deacon

1. Huacas could be temples, but also…
a. Mountains, hills, and forests
b. Cliffs, mountains, and caves
c. Mountains, rivers, or caves
d. Rivers, streams, and ponds
e. Trees, rocks, and caves

2. In the Inca civilization what was an important job of the women related to religion? a. Oversee temples and conduct festivals
b. Tell the gods the wishes of the people
c. Be nuns
d. Spread the word of Catholicism
e. Conduct human sacrifice of the people

3. How did the women help both Inca and Aztec civilizations? A. Worked in fields
B. Helped build buildings
C. Raised and taught their children 
D. Worked for the king
E. All the above

4. Chinampas were important in the Aztec civilization because they… a. Made artificial food for the animals
b. Housed the leaders
c. Were the location of the human sacrifices
d. Were artificial islands where the Aztecs could grow crops and have irrigation e. Were libraries where the rich went to study

5. How did religion help the Aztecs conquer civilizations?
A. Was a vast uniting system that they had in common with civilization  B. They forced a religion upon the civilization 
C. They had different religions and got along
D. They made it a law to learn
E. They did not conquer them
6. What did the two economies have in common?
A. Believed in the same god 
B. Women worked hard for the family
C. Believed the sun to be the highest power
D. Holy shrines
E. Metal working

7. What was the order from high to low class in the calpullis of the Aztec civilization? a. Peasants to nobles
b. Nobles to peasants
c. Nobles to warriors
d. Peasants to Incas
e. Warriors to nobles

8. The Aztecs and Incas both believed in human sacrifice, what did the sacrifice consist of? a. They cut off their head and played soccer with them
b. Starved the women for 90 days
c. Killed the youngest person in the city
d. Spoke Nahuatl to the gods in fear
e. Blood and heart sacrifice

9. What did...

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