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Topics: Race and Ethnicity, White American, United States Pages: 5 (1639 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Reflection of America’s Cultures
America is a country with exceptional cultural diversity. Ji-Yeon Yuh’s article contains the perspective that America is made of not one, not two, but many cultures. Her article suggests that white Americans were taught to believe that they are superior to the black or Asian Americans. I agree with Yuh, who believes that racial and ethnical disparity in America can be eliminated by educating our children about other cultures. As one of the greatest Asian American educators and essayists, Ji-Yeon Yuh, in her editorial titled “Let’s Tell the Story of All America’s Cultures,” published in the Philadelphia Inquirer (June 30, 1991), a history teacher at Northwestern University, Yuh addresses the American history contributes of white men and argues that although America contains many ethnic groups, they do not exist in its history books. She supports her claim by saying that history books were wrong because they never told the whole truth, by describing her own experience as a young immigrant learning about American history in elementary school and by learning about the good and the bad parts of America’s history in educational system. Her purpose is to explain how America does not consist of just one race, but many races, in order to inform the readers that America was built by many people from different countries and is truly a multicultural country. Based on Yuh’s argument, I will show how her claims are true and remarkable modern. I agree with Yuh that multicultural education is crucial to children because it helps them to have more logical understanding of the existence of ethnic diversity in the history and cultures. I agreement with the thoughts of Ji-Yeon Yuh, that racism is a political issue in the United States. It is political because the US government has always downplayed it. It also can be described as a moral issue; this is where the personalities of the white people come into play. Yuh describes the white people of America as those who spread racial prejudices. Yuh (522) defines social prejudice as a subtle moral and social problem affecting people and populations all over the world. The author further identifies the single cause of social prejudice as ignorance. It is hard to fully state and certify the white people of America as simply ignorant without clear and well-researched arguments. Yuh, the Korean immigrant, observed that “America was White, and White was best”. From this statement, it can be certain that these people could have traces of ignorance. Yuh must have observed that the whites believed that they were superior to all the other races present in America. This superiority made them overlook all the other races and regard them as inferior. To this extent, Yuh is right. Ji-Yeon Yuh is the author of Lets Tell the Story of All American Cultures. Yuh Ji-Yeon who is a Korean, but grew up in the US wrote the story. In the story, she cites examples of how the American history has ignored and refused to acknowledge the role played by the other minority groups in the country. According to her, she claims that educators in the country have woken up to the fact that the American history has been shaped by the other races and immigrants in the country. She states that America is a multicultural country that consists of people from different racial backgrounds. The history of America is a story of people who were brought through slavery and immigration into the country. The races that Yuh Ji-Yeon talks about are those that tried to struggle and create a better life for themselves and in the process managed to change each other, change the country, and ended up calling themselves Americans(Yuh Ji-Yeon 92) .

Yuh states that she was brought up thinking that America was only for whites and the other people were not part of the American history. She outlines the major people that she encountered in her history class. Lewis and Clark, Lincoln...
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