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Yugoslavian Revolution

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Yugoslavian Revolution

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The Yugoslavian Revolution: October 5, 2000

What can you do in 12 hours? You could drive from Minneapolis to Detroit. You can take a tour of a place you’ve never been. In 12 hours you can wake up, get to work and come home again. On October 5th, 2000 Slobodan Milosevic’s entire regime was peacefully brought down in only 12 hours after 13 years of destroying his country. The 2000 Yugoslavian revolution was a success because the U.S was backing it, the opposing party was able to find a new leader, and the army and police were no longer supporting him.

The Yugoslavian borders have changed many times throughout history. In 1929 the state was re-named Yugoslavia after its boundaries included Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia again. The government was mostly Serbians and the Croatians and other ethnic groups were upset. In the 1990s Yugoslavia entered a civil war where thousands of people were killed in an effort to “ethnically cleanse” the population, led by Milosevic. Finally in 1995 the war in Croatia and Bosnia subsided and Bosnia was divided into two parts, one Serbian and the other Muslim-Croatian (History of the Balkans). Four out of the six republics, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, declared themselves independent countries by 1996.

Yugoslavian republics suffered a lot of violence in the 1990s; in Kosovo it is estimated that 12,000 Albanians died in the Serbian campaigns of 1998 and 1999 against the civilian population. More than one million people were driven from their homes. This led to NATO bombings in Serbia in 1999 to try to stop the violence against Albanians. In addition 81,500 military workers died in the Bosnian war, along with 156,000 civilians. During the wars there were an estimated 12,000 rapes, mostly done by the Serbians. Between 900,000 and 1.2 million civilians fled Bosnia and became refuges. Another 1.3 to 1.5 million people were forced, or chose to leave their homes but remained in Bosnia. In total,...

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