Yudhishtir and Duryodhan | Indian Cultural Ethics Values and Business Management

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Indian Cultural Ethics Values And Business Management

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As we all are living in the 21ST century which in which their are plethora of all the men made gadgets to provide immense pleasure which some where increasing the endless desire of a mankind and in search of completing or fulfilling those desire with a fast pace men are turning materialistic, egoistic, stubborn, felineness and also diverging from the way of ethics and value which are thought by our parents and teachers also by the religious epics. We can also say that these endless desires giving birth to Duryodhana in each of us The epics, the Ramayana and t he Mahabharata contains many morals, from which we can learn how to live and conduct ourselves in various situations. The epic are meant for the laymen, people who are serious about their religious duties and salvation, but not able to make it the most important thing in their lives and pursue it steadfastly. Since they are in narrative form, their messages, morals and lessons are easy to understand and remember for the last several centuries, both the epics served people well by inculcating in them a deep sense of reverence, devotion, commitment to the path of righteousness and belief and interest in the live beyond. Usually this the first stage that ultimately leads to a more instance spiritual aspiration, culminating in one’s salvation by drawing a clear distinction between the good and evil , the right and the wrong, the appropriate and in appropriate, and by personifying these concepts in moral percepts clearly into appealing characters and personalities, these epics help men develop inside into our religion and cultivate budhi or discriminating intelligence , which would otherwise required years of dedicated study and religious practice. Truly speaking the epics are illustrative of the divine knowledge contend in the smriti text such as the Vedas and the Upanishads , in the language and idiom familiar to the masses . The eldest of the pandava brothers was dharma raja, who was known for his sense of justice and fair play , but with a weakness for gambling. He was clear in his conscience and soft in his heart and action, which was often misunderstood by his rivals and his weakness. The eldest of the kaurava brothers was duryodhana, known for his physical power, pride, arrogance, envy, greed, and lust for power. He personified unbridled ambition, aggression, egoism and complete disrespect for tradition in seniority in his own family. Both were cousins, but certain events in their lives made them become arch enemies. According to the laws of inheritance as prescribed in our dhramshashtra, dharamraj was supposed to be become the rural of the kuru Kingdome. But duryodhana was intent upon becoming the rural by whatever means. For him end justified the means. So he enticed his cousins to play a game of dice with him and used deceptive means to snatch the kingdom from him. By falling in the trap laid out for him, dharamraj not only lost his kingdom, his self respect and his wife , but also head to force his brothers and himself into an ignominious exile for 12 long years as a part of his irresponsible wager. Finally after returning from the long exile, when they requested duryodhana to return their kingdom, they were flatly refused. In a desperate move, they requested him to at least grant them five villages. so arrogant and drunk with power duryodhana was that he close all doors of negotiation by telling them point blank that he would not grant them even that much land where they could pin a needle. With that it became clear to the pandavas that the only way they could settle the dispute was through a war. It was what exactly duryodhana wanted. His anger and jealousy towards his cousins was so intense that he wanted destroy all of them through a deadly war...
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