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By | March 2011
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Tamma, Tyrone
February 07, 2011
Period 2, Expository Writing
Mr. James Oh

Essays are despised by most high school students. Students believe that the time and effort used to make essays can be put to better use, like shopping or hanging out with friends. However, I believe that writing an essay is a great experience. The ability to turn any blank sheet of paper into a document full of ideas is amazing. However, how does an essay begin? Do they appear at a blink of an eye? In this essay I will show you how to make an essay.

First, I take out a peace of paper. I sit down and write down all my thoughts about the prompt, this is called brainstorming. Every piece of idea, no matter how insignificant, is written down on my piece of paper. All across my page is a scatter of ideas, like pieces of a puzzle waiting to be connected to create a beautiful picture. After a few minutes of brainstorming and organization of my thoughts, I choose my topic and begin to write my rough draft.

I take out a new piece of paper and begin to write my rough draft. I usually start my essays with the topic sentence and then write my main points right after. The main points must support the topic sentence. My introduction is around four to five sentences long, briefly describing what my essay will be about. I then split the main points I stated in my introduction and make them the topic sentences of my body paragraphs. I start of my body paragraphs by rephrasing my main points and making it the first sentence. I then support my main points with facts or quotes and explain it. My quotes start and end with quotation marks and at the beginning or end of the sentence I write where I found the quote. My retrieve my facts from reliable sources such as books, encyclopedias, newspapers, etc. I then explain how my quote or fact supports my topic sentence to make sure the reader does not get lost and knows why I chose it. I then conclude my paragraphs by restating my topic sentence....

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