Yr 11 Revision History

Topics: Great Depression, African American, Franklin D. Roosevelt Pages: 24 (6374 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Date: Friday June 15th 2012
Time allowed: 1 hour 45 minutes
60 marks (37.5% of your GCSE grade)

Revision help
* This guide and the guide you were given for your mock exam on the Roaring Twenties * Your exercise book
* Textbook Unit 2 Twentieth Century Depth Studies isbn 978 1 4085 0321 8 * CGP revision guide (purchased last year)
* Useful sites www.johndclare.net/ and www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/history and www.schoolshistory.co.uk * Your teacher
* Revision classes - Bitesize every Wednesday 1.40-2.00pm and every Friday 3.10-4.00pm in C22

What you are being tested upon
Section A
The Roaring Twenties
* An inference question 4 marks
* An ‘explain how’ question 6 marks
* A usefulness question 10 marks
Spend no more than 35 minutes on section A
Section B
Depression and the New Deal
* A describe question 8 marks
* An analysis and explanation question 12 marks
Spend no more than 35 minutes on this
Race Relations in the USA 1955-1968
* A describe question 8 marks
* An analysis and explanation question 12 marks
Spend no more than 35 minutes on this

A total of 60 marks are available which equate to 37.5% of your final GCSE Grade.

Unit 2 Section A: The Roaring 20s USA 1919-1929

How and why did the USA achieve prosperity in the 1920’s?

Isolationism and its effects:
* American rejection of the Treat of Versailles and refusal to join the League of Nations\ * The consequences for the USA
* Tariff policy (Fordney McCumber Tariff of 1922)

Mass production (e.g. Ford and the motor industry):
* Consumer industries and advertising
* Hire purchase

Purchase of shares:
* The stock market boom

Republican Government policies

Developments in the entertainment industries (e.g. The cinema)

How far was the USA a divided society in the 1920’s?

Rich versus poor: continuation of poverty for some (e.g. farmers)

* Immigration controls
* The quota system of 1921
* National Origins Act of 1924
* The Ku Klux Klan and its activities

* Groups for and against it
* Organised crime
* The impact on society

Young people:
* Fashions
* Flappers

Why did the USA Stock Exchange collapse in 1929?

The problems of the 1920’s:
* Over production
* Lack of credit control
* The effects of the tariff policy
* Unequal distribution of wealth
The Wall Street Crash
* Events and immediate consequences

How do I answer an ‘Inference’ question?
For this type of question you will simply be asked
What does Source X suggest about something?
Your answer is worth 4 marks. It is the easiest part of the Paper 2 question, and you should be looking at spending no more than 5 minutes on it. You can get two marks simply by looking for facts in the source itself. You need to ask yourself what the author is trying to get you to think. Have a look at the provenance and think about what the author would want you to come away believing.

Study the exemplar below

Source X The price of some American shares before and after the Wall Street Crash October 29 Some leading US companies| Price of shares (in cents) 3rd September 1929| Price of shares (in cents) 13th November 1929| American Can| 182| 86|

General Electric| 396| 168|
General Motors| 182| 36|
New York Central| 256| 160|
Radio| 505| 28|
Woolworth| 251| 52|
United states Steel| 279| 150|
From The Age of Excess: America 1920-1932 by J. Brooman 1986

Explain what you can learn form Source X about what happened to share prices in the USA in 1929.

Share prices fell very quickly between September and November 1929 as investors tried to sell their shares. The consumer industries seemed to be very badly hit, most notable was the fall in the value of radio shares. Clearly the US economy had some serious underlying weaknesses and it only seemed strong. Most of the...
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