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Topics: Time, Lev Grossman, Fiction Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Pg. 1032 Analyzing Non Fiction        Media has evolved rapidly since its debut and continues to grow rapidly today. An article in Time Magazine describes how YouTube has evolved from the small site it used to be to the “giant” it is now. Lev Grossman writes about the phenomenon in his article, “The Beast With A Billion Eyes”. He uses many literary devices when describing the trending website and its success. YouTube is a growing form of media that could even surpass Hollywood’s control over the entertainment industry in the near future.Lev uses imagery when he describes how, “Every minute 60 hours worth of video is uploaded to YouTube”. He goes on to describe how if you keep rolling over the time it goes on to an endless amount of footage in its time running. He alludes to a writing from William Blake describing eternity and time to show the rapid speed that YouTube is growing at. He uses numbers to describe the success that it has with its users and easily surpassing any other media site.        He uses analogies to compare a company producing toxic waste to the YouTube community creating footage daily to post on the website. He also compares it to a reservoir where videos pile up for us to go through at our own convenience. He compares YouTube to a monster that has eaten everything in its path, to show that it has beaten any other site that has attempted to compete with it.        He compares and contrasts YouTube from television. He states that Youtube is more convenient than tv because it is there with billions of possibilities of videos to watch. While expressing the future endeavors that YouTube could be facing in the near future with the amount of videos and the computing and sourcing that the YouTube site has to go through on a daily basis. Stating that it is vulnerable to crashing at any moment and time.        In conclusion, in his article, Lev Grossman uses literary devices to describe the rapid success that YouTube is achieving. He compares it to a...
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