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Daryl Taylor
Engineering Technology
September 18, 2011
Robotic Ideas
I’ve been spending a lot of time YouTube watching videos on vex robotics. There were all kinds of robots that perform many stunts. One of the robots had a six-wheel drive train, and two motors to take in and push out objects. There were many competitions all over and one that stood out was the Vex World Championship Final Match. During this competition each team had to make their robot pick up as many tennis balls and deposit them on to this bridge sorted out by each team’s color. This was a very exciting and close match, but at the end of it teams 11 and 7 beat teams 3 and 803. The total score to the match was 21-31, so it was actually a great match.

These videos were very supportive and added on more ideas to what I want to do with the robot we create. I said once before that I would like to create a robot that can simply pick up and sort out socks, or even a robot that can place trash in the garbage can. When watching these videos almost every robot had these movable arms that carried blocks or tubes. I know that if these people robots can carry blocks and tubes, then ours wouldn’t have a problem picking up socks or trash. I’m putting my mind towards the Vex Robotics Kit because it seems like it has all the right tools and they’re strong and sturdy.

Watching the YouTube videos really gave a strong interest in Vex Robotics Kit because it has the right materials and the quality of it seems great. I only wanted our robot to either pick up trash or sort out socks in different baskets and I believe the Vex Robotics Kit can accomplish this goal.

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