Youtube Effect

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The YouTube Effect|
How To Make Successful Viral Market on YouTube.|
Rittikrai Thammaraksa|

How To Create Impact Buzz Via Viral Marketing?

New media are young upper comers and full of potentials; The Internet, Smartphone, Computers, and Tablets Pc, all of them are leading people through the edge of digital media. Cross country broadcasting or consuming variety of contents from outside the country is becomes the basic communication. The happenings of social media, they are interactive platforms in which people are able to generate their own interested contents and come along with interactive activities such as communities share, discussion, and modification in which people become more engaged. Brands those are trying to increase their consumer’s brand engagement for the long term relationship. They are not overlooking the social media. Unfortunately, for Thai market, the social media are unable to generate high coverage by themselves. Thinking about the number of TV viewer compared with Smartphone, Computer and Tablet Pc users. TV is better performed in tern of media penetration among broad target, whereas those three digital devices are engaged with some specific groups such as business men, or young people. Thus, the viral marketing is utilizing both new media and traditional media to create consumers’ brand engagement (social media) and enhance in reaching the target audience with high coverage (traditional media).

Whether Or Not New Media Have Affected Consumer’s Media Consumption? In the past few years innovation in technology have significantly change media, leading to the term “New Media”. Previously separated media platforms are now unified and consumed in way that links one source to another. Internet, Smartphone, and Tablet Pc are new platform for media distribution. Those new devices are not all just a matter of communications technologies, but also a matter of how digitalization and modern communication devices are changing communication functions and abilities. New media are completely changed communication from one-way to two-way and also passive to interactive communication. They were also changed media from mass media to specialized media, shifted us from access to few media to many media, and freeing consumers from fixed location media and communication devices to mobile media and devices. At the same time, people are moving from having separate mass and personal communication media into mixed technologies that have multiple functions. And the technologies are changing the content available from merely national media to global media as well. Despite these significant functional changes, if one actually looks at the results of this situation we see that the digitalization, new media, and information and communication technologies are part of an evolutionary rather than revolutionary change in communication ability. No real new communication ability is being created. They are not affecting communications in such fundamental ways as did the arrival of the printing press, the telegraph and telephone, photography and motion pictures, and broadcasting. What the information revolution is primarily doing is increasing the speed, flexibility and integration of existing forms of communication. The most revolutionary aspects are new economies of scope and integration that are changing the economics of production and distribution. These factors play significant roles in the choices of audiences and consumers regarding new media access and use. A aboard case study was taken in Sweden by Professor Olle Findahl, who has conducted a study on young people’s media habits on behalf of NORDICOM at the University of Gothenburg. He found that young people age 9-24 years old who are main users of internet social media do not abandon traditional media. Instead, the two are used together. Admittedly, people in this age group do watch TV and listen to radio and recorded music somewhat less today...
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