Youtube: Broadcast Yourself

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Broadcast yourself
YouTube is an online form of entertainment. While some viewers do not appreciate its format, others enjoy watching and creating videos on YouTube. YouTube videos range from being educational, instructional, comedic to amusing. Creating videos to upload to YouTube is being done by people of all ages from all over the world. YouTube has brought about a new form of high quality amusement and entertainment to a lot of its viewers. YouTube is a popular video streaming website that displays uploaded video files created or disseminated by its users. It is free and user friendly which makes it very popular. This ground-breaking website was founded by three former PayPal employees who had a simple desire to capture short videos and share them with others. While their intentions were not to make money and become a popular website, very quickly YouTube’s popularity increased and it is used by many internet users. YouTube has lowered the bar for what is considered entertainment. It is true that a majority of the videos created and uploaded to YouTube are not professional quality, it is a website that allows submitters of all ages and degrees of creativity to make a video. For example, the very popular web series “the vlog brothers” was filmed on a cheap webcam. The motto of YouTube is “Broadcast Yourself.” The number of videos uploaded has topped 70 billion. tens of thousands of new video clips are uploaded daily. Content is posted on websites and blogs and delivered by cell phones, E-mail or file sharing. There are some viewers that feel YouTube produces poor quality videos. Some videos that are uploaded have even been taken from another submitter’s website and copyrights have been violated. YouTube lets viewers choose the videos they upload and watch, but they do have a policy in place. YouTube prohibits graphically violent, sexual, or pornographic videos. Users are able to flag and police themselves and others. For the video creators, their fame is...
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