Youtube Analysis

YouTube, Internet forum, Television advertisement

1.Executive Summary
YouTube has become the most popular video sharing website. It has variety of functions that enable a virtual organization to operate and have different kinds of virtuality impact. To compare with the other similar enablers, it has strengths and weaknesses.Advertising and marketing is the most significant one. You also can gain different technology impact from it. From the Web Reviews, we can see there are a lot of merits of YouTube. However, the copyright infringement is still the important problem of it.

2.Enabler Overview
YouTube is a video sharing website. Actually, it is a leader for video sharing on the Internet. It has ranked with the top 5 valuable web properties in the world. It also has been selected by Times Magazine as the best invention of the year in 2006.[1]It was invented by three former PayPal employees who are aged 20 something in 2005. In the first stage, it used to share video among themselves. However, it has attracted from the others web user to share their videos. In 2006, it has over 4000 million videos being uploaded. It attracts over 400 million people to watch the video every day during that time. YouTube has started advertising in the other website from March of 2006. It has been purchased by the Google Incorporated in 2006.

3.Enabler Function
By studying the YouTube function, I will identify and describe the basic function first. YouTube has different kinds of basic functions can be used for the registered user. For those has not registered, they can only view the videos and search in the website. However, the registered user account is free- of charge.

Video Uploading

Screenshot 1: Video upload page with functions

Video is the most focusing part on YouTube since YouTube has the slogan “Broadcast Yourself”. For the uploading function, YouTube provides the “My Video” function by clicking the My Account. You can upload your personal video in this function in various types of video format, including...
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