Youth Work

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Youth Work & Youth in Society (SW4004)

Sample Essay Template for assignment 2


• State what organisation and youth project you will be looking at. • State what you intend to discuss in this essay and in what order (can also state some authors you will be referring to). • Should be one paragraph only and represents a snap shot (preview) of your essay.

Organisations Aims & Objectives
• When was the organisation set up? What does the organisation do? What does it aim to achieve? • What policy &Government agendas govern the organisations aims & objectives? • You must provide at least two references here.

Social Issue
• Provide some background information on the social issues that govern the organisation. • You can provide both statistics and theoretical/authored work here (including e-journals and e-books). Use at least one reference of each. • If you are looking at a youth club, look into the history of youth work and why youth work developed (use the lecture notes as a guide).

Project Description
• Locations, times, activities etc (similar to your own group work descriptions). • You can reference the youth project’s website here or any information from leaflets or flyers (you can also put leaflets in an appendix if necessary). • You can also use information from an on-site visit here (reference project, location & date).

Youth Work Skills Needed
• What skills would staff need to make his project successful? • How do these skills relate to the NOS? (You must reference the NOS) • Provide some examples of how a worker would actually use these skills. • You only need to select a few key skills which you feel would be most important to the project (Please do not just list NOS! ) and use authored work for references.

The project’s impact on young people:
• What specific benefits will young people gain from the project? • Also think about the benefits & outcomes of youth work and refer to youth work authors...
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