Youth Unemployment

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Unemployment in Nigeria, youths could be part of the solution Tuesday, 06 November 2012 00:00 By Chambers Umezulike Features - Youth Speak
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UNEMPLOYMENT has been a problem that has thoroughly shaken and continues to shake the country. Nigeria has been battling with it. Everyone is blaming the government for not providing jobs for both the educated and the uneducated Nigerians. People keep saying I graduated with a First Class, Second Class Upper, Second Class Lower… I studied Psychology, Chemical Engineering etc. And yet I have stayed unemployed for some years now. But have you thought of something? If Nigeria has up to 5,000 companies like the telecommunications giants e.g. MTN, GLO, Starcomms, Visaphone, banks such as Zenith, Intercontinental, United Bank for Africa, Oceanic Bank …, conglomerates like Dangote Group, and host of others, don’t you think that unemployment will no longer be a topic in the nation? A single telecommunication’s company provides employment to almost half a million Nigerians. Recharge card distributors, sellers, phone booths where people make calls etc. Banks like Zenith and others provide employment to no fewer than 5,000 people. Conglomerates such as Dangote, Obat Oil… offer employment to no fewer than 10,000 Nigerians. Nigerian Breweries Plc for instance employs up to 3,000 Nigerians not to talk of transportation companies like ABC Transport that give employment to about 4,000 Nigerians. If we had 5,000 of such companies, it should go without saying that people will be employed even while still in school and companies will be looking for whom to employ. Don’t you think that it’s time for us to start being part of the solution to this problem of unemployment? Most of these companies that we mention are owned by people like you and me who believe in being part of the solution and helping their compatriots. We should know that we can excel even in Nigeria, because many people have made it here. These company owners have made money, fame, respect and indeed have helped the country in one way or the other. Haven’t you thought that getting employed somewhere throughout your life somehow narrows your chances of helping people, making money and gaining fame in the country? Maybe even becoming great, or be a legend, contributing to making Nigeria a better country and leaving this world better than we met it. Have you thought of why most graduates with wonderful results keep working for people with little satisfaction and benefit throughout their lives? Probably because they get dazzled with the amount they are been paid and pulling out to set up their own company becomes difficult. A lot of Nigerians have made impact in the lives of the people in this nation; we have icons who have engrained their names in the sands of time. Great Nigerians who have brought Nigeria’s name listed in many fields of human endeavours. To be a solution to this problem you need to follow the footsteps of Nigerians who have done much to remedy this problem. You can follow their footsteps by studying their histories and make it like they did. Through following in their footsteps you will have an idea of what you should be doing. A person who wants to become the Commander-in-Chief of Nigeria tomorrow will not be doing the same thing now with the person that wants to work in a bank. To be a solution to the unemployment problem, it doesn’t depend only on what you studied in school but also on what activities you were also involved in while in school. Some Nigerians started their companies while in school and when we hear of their works, we thought that they just started ultimo. These people have struggled, passed through numerous travails, failed countless times, but later on, achieved what they set out to achieve. Today, they don’t depend on the Government but the government depends on them. Is it not time for you to start thinking about how to help the nation and let the...
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