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Research on contributing factors to negative

Research on Contributing Factors to Negative Youth Subculture and Preventing It 26 November 2012
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Youth Needs Met In Subculture3
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Youth subculture is a subculture by youths with distinct styles, behaviors and interests. It offers a particular culture to the youth who are looking for someone or some group that they can identify with. The characteristics of the youth subculture differs, it can be expressed through their fashion, speech style, perception and social groups. Lots of times the youth subculture can be around a certain type of music. There are many kinds of youth subculture out there that allow youths to not only identify with it but to also normalize their expressions according to the subculture they identify with. Some subcultures cultivate the youths to express themselves artistically, such as punk, hip-hop, graffiti, beat boxing, cheerleading and Goth; some normalize their expression of identity, like gangs, nerds, obsession with a sports team, and Emos (Wood, 2003). However, the danger is when youths are involved in negative subculture like gangs, punk, Goth, hooligans, or even Emos; these subcultures will nurture an antisocial behavior that cause harm to self or others. Around the ages, ten to sixteen years old, they are experiencing a lot of physical, emotional, mental and social changes, thus these are few of the contributing factors to the interest of subculture that will be discussed later on in this paper. This paper will study about the contributing factor and effects of the ever-changing negative youth subculture and how help them.

Youth Needs Met In Subculture

Daniel Seigel (2001) communicates that a person’s identity is shaped based on the interaction of how a person’s relationship is harnessed and made sense in the brain. At age of a teenager, a youth, according to Erikson (Stevens, 2008), is in a stage, which a child is neither a child nor an adult. Life gets more complex as there is an inner desire to attempt to create their own identity. Therefore they struggle with social interactions and test their own moral issues. They have a strong desire to be separated from their own family in order to explore and to identify themselves as an individual but deep down inside, there is a want for that protection of the boundaries provided by the family. Youths are constantly in conflict with themselves let alone with their family and friends. The search is continuous until the inner self is satisfied. It is during this period (Hardy & Laszloffy, 2005) which makes this stage of life vulnerable to negative youth subculture. Without the right people supporting the youth, they tend to end up with role confusion. Thus, how these youth make sense of their identity (Seigel, 2001) is based on how people build relationships with them. Building relationships is to feed the needs of the inner desire of a person. The subculture provides the needs that a youth crave for which cannot be found in the home. Due to that reason some youths are drawn to a specific subculture. There are a lot of psychological factors that negative subculture provides to the seeking youth which will be discussed in this paper.

Subcultures are different from country to country because youths are still very much dependent on the social-economic and political influence of the area that they are in. The social-economical and political influence youths indirectly through the structure of the family and they can also influence them directly (Falk & Falk, 2005). For example, the political issue of family control like practicing the once child policy in China in 1978 and advocating the ‘Stop at Two’ policy in Singapore in 1975, affects the parenting method towards their children. Controlled by the government on childbirth, these children...
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