Youth Problems

Topics: Childhood, Adolescence, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Youth problems.

1) Adolescence: freedom or problem?
2) Addictions.
3) An active sex life and its consequences.
4) Teens-exploiters.
5) Juvenile delinquency.
6) Youth subcultures.
7) The period of risks.

It is said that adolescence is the most exciting and striking period of life. It seems that teens have no problems, as they don’t work, take care of their families or have any other responsibilities. On the one hand, it is true. Besides, having become a legal adult, the young people are ready to be on their own and to enjoy the thrill of freedom, but, on the other hand, this long-expected freedom can be fraught with unpleasant consequences. In adolescence young people desire to experience new sensations and that is why a disturbing number of them try to smoke or to drink an alcohol. They think that they look more mature holding a cigarette or a bottle of beer but they don’t ponder over the destructive effect on their health. Some of them grow out of it or simply decide they don’t like it and then stop. But a few go on trying drugs once or twice, and day by day becoming totally dependent on this deadly habit. For the avoidance of such misfortune parents should say a right word in a right time and reinforce teen’s decision not to take drugs. Addiction is a paintful fact but unfortunately widespread in our society as well as sexually transmitted diseases among young people. For instance, in Great Britain one in ten of teenagers have such disease. It’s a problem that will only increase in time if not to be more open with teens about the risks of sex. What is more is that an active sex life should be considered from another angle. Teenagers’ lack of knowledge about sex is at the heart of under-age pregnancy. Nobody informs teens about an active sex life or reproduction, and when somebody does it at last, the young people have already lost their virginity. Moreover, often they don’t use birth control practising unprotected sex...
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