Youth Problem

Topics: Drug addiction, Suicide, Sexually transmitted disease Pages: 4 (1132 words) Published: December 23, 2012
A. Malysheva’s Paper
Youth problem
1. Researchers’ record
2. Under-age pregnancies
3. Drug consumption
4. Subculture’s impact
5. Post-adolescence problem
6. The reasons of juvenile deliqency
7. Government’s suggestion about the problem
8. My opinion of the problem

I’m sorry to have to say that there is a tendency to face social disasters more and more often. Children come into collision with their dreary and empty future, sense of social isolation, huge obstacles which deprive their happy childhood. Researchers record the increase of birthrate out of wedlock, of one-parent families, of unmarried people co-habiting and of divorces. Also they registrate that children lose their virginity and have active sex rather early that causes ill-considered pregnancies, diverse sexually transmitted diseases and birthrate decline. But no one knows how to tackle the problem.

Pregnancies among under-age girls have leapt. Vulnerable girls more often run the danger of becoming ultimate victims. Desiring to grown up and to keep a boyfriend she yields to his persuasion. And though she is careful and uses birth control every time she becomes pregnant. Of course, it is an ill-considered pregnancy and there are few ways: to adopt, to abord or to become an unwed teen mom because the boyfriend who sweared on his love can’t handle it and be responsible for a child, he is a lousy parent. But this is not the only insuperable odd. As she is too young she may face miscarriage or premature birth that causes too low birthweight apart from extra health risks to the mother and the baby. But it is not the most significant hazard. There is a danger to get sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, hepatitis and syphilis.

Speaking about social disasters we can’t help mentioning drug consumption. Certainly, at times we all turn to drugs of one sort or another. It can be alcohol, cigarettes, anti-depressants but also it could be much dangerous: heroin,...
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