Youth Policy Framework

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Assessment 1;
What is youth policy and how does it influence the work of youth workers?

A ‘youth policy’ is the overarching framework of governmental (and sometimes non-governmental) activity directed towards young people: at, for and with them. (Williamson, 2007)

The Youth Policy Framework just like all other policies contains set of documentations that provide knowledge and foundation to guide individuals, groups or organisations that are dealing with young people including the young people themselves. It may also be used as a manuscript written for a broad sector as the Youth Policy Framework can be implied in all cases where young people are involved. Depending on service provider’s implementation, it can be reviewed, rationalized, consolidated or integrated with other policies. The youth policy framework is created to provide goals and objectives that are in protection with the legislations of the government and its representatives, it is to be used as the principles of dealing with young people and give vision to those who are implementing it. There are several bodies that are responsible to uphold, maintain, revise, implement and monitor the proper practice of the youth policy framework. As the youth policy framework is produced to communicate a collective understanding and approaches to dealing with young people, government legislators monitor that is it practiced with the intension of providing direction, consistency and accountability to all those involved. Legislators such as the United Nations Convention for Children, Australian Commonwealth Government, Australian Youth Affairs Coalition and state level representatives such as Youth Affairs Coalition of Victoria are all bodies that contribute in the youth policy framework to address the urgent issues young people are faced with while pointing out the needs for the development of...
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