Youth of Pakistan

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Youth of Pakistan: The Ultimate Resource to Shape Country’s Future Youth of Pakistan: The Ultimate Resource to Shape Country’s Future

To inspire
Youth of Pakistan: The Ultimate Resource to Shape Country’s Future Youth is the solution- Not the problem

I was thinking, that how we can change Pakistan in a positive way. What can the youth do for making Pakistan a safe homeland where equality can rule and injustice can be eliminate? I always wanted to contribute in society in a positive change; but I couldn’t find any platform for that, I always wish that someday I could do anything for the people who want some help. I am not the only one who thinks in this way but I am damn sure that half of the youth want to do something which could bring change in our country. We have experience the passion of our youth in the time of earthquake and the recent flood and these are the best example of unity and patriotism for the country and its people. It is an extremely positive sign that a lot of young people are now asking, “how can we serve our country?” It is encouraging to see the youth not only taking ownership of Pakistan but also

showing a determination to work and put in the effort. So, the question arises, what is the best way to serve Pakistan. We do not lack in ideas of changing our society, but proper guidance is not being provided to us. We can bring change in the society if we are allowed to do something, but from where we should get started. Is there any platform for the youth; is there any organization for the youth to just get together for any cause? Is there any society for the youth to lead them nationwide? The answer is a big NO. Unfortunately in Pakistan no such organization has been formed yet which could motivate our generation in such positive way that can bring change in our society. Youth ministry is there in Pakistan but without planning and without any proper formation, even many of us, are not even aware of what actually...
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